Darius Azarpey Rise Uganda Genève
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Phone: (+41)78 907 62 93
Darius Azarpey
Head of PR & Communication

Operations executive, passionate about communication and public relations, involved into politics. Darius built experience within small to large size organizations in areas of general management, business operations, international expansion, business development, and human resources. Prior to business and international relations, Darius was highly involved into politics. He has led electoral campaigns, directed political groups and took charge of Communication and Media relations.

As Co-Chairman of the International Youth Assembly for Human rights, which advocates at the highest level for HR promotion and protection, Darius gives ethics a primordial place in his activities. By co-creating Rise Uganda, Darius intends to devote an important part of his life to the education of children in Uganda.

Sports have played a constant role in Darius’ life and career. From volunteering to his political mandates, he has worked with the ACGK, the Rouelbeau Stadium and the UEFA. Darius’ education includes a Marketing degree in Advanced international marketing and sales as well as an MBA in the field of Prospective, Economic intelligence both from HES-SO Switzerland.