Viruses do not discriminate

Viruses do not discriminate

Covid-19 and Inequities

“Viruses do not discriminate”. Is this statement entirely true? In Uganda as in many other countries, the most vulnerable are those who pay the heaviest price of Covid-19. From the nearly 15 million children affected by the closure of schools in Uganda, only a very small proportion will keep learning while schools remain closed. Whereas Covid-19 has increased the efforts of developed countries towards digital learning; radio, televisions and computers remain highly unavailable in rural areas. Even for those who do manage to find one of these learning tools for their children, there are still many challenges such as WI-Fi connections and the unstability of the environment home that will prevent most rural kids from learning.⠀

Additionally, school lockdown dramatically increases the risks of children suffering from abuse and neglect. Amongst rural children, child labour, child marriage and malnutrition have risen in concerning ways. UNICEF has urged governments to reopen schools as soon as possible. The world cannot forget that going to school isn’t only about learning. ⠀

During school lockdwon, at Rise Uganda:

1) We give education material

2) We provide food support

3) We enroll children for next term